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Shopping in Las Vegas

Yes, in Las Vegas, you can "shop until you drop" as the old saying goes. The construction of shopping malls and retail centers has managed to keep pace with Southern Nevada's phenomenal growth. Within a short drive or walking distance of all major resort hotels, you'll find malls and outlet stores that offer a wide range of products to satisfy the bargain hunter or the shopper with the most discriminating taste.

Factory-direct malls are a bargain hunter's paradise. Ornate, upscale venues such as the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace rival the ambiance and flair of Beverly Hills.

Las Vegas is truly a 24-hour town. While the city's shopping malls maintain traditional operating hours, most supermarkets and many other merchants are open around the clock.

Shopping can also be a great way to get to know the city. Click the links to the right to get a list of shopping malls, outlets and other retail stores.



Hints on Tipping

Las Vegas is the "Entertainment and Gaming Capital of the World." As a resort destination, the city is well-known for its prompt service and courteous attendants. Tipping is a reward for good service. Sometimes visitors are confused about when or how much to tip. Here are some helpful tipping guidelines to keep in mind when you’re going out on the town.

Bartenders & Cocktail Waitresses:
Most casinos offer free drinks to players at tables and at slot machines. A tip, or "toke" as it is called in Las Vegas, of $1-$2 is the norm for good service. If you get a round of drinks (four or more), add a few extra dollars.

Bell Captain & Bellman:
The usual tip is $1-$2 per bag. The bell captain and staff are also a valuable source of information and can perform many services, such as arranging for shows or travel, so tipping an extra $5 is not unreasonable. Also, give $1 or $2 to the bellman who calls a cab for you.

Bingo and Keno Runners:
If you’re playing for an extended time, tip $1 occasionally. Even if you’re not winning, it’s appreciated.

Buffet Servers:
The standard tip is $1 per person if a server is helpful and gets your drinks.

Cage Cashiers:
The people who convert your winning chips to cash are tipped occasionally.

Tips can be given directly to the dealer between hands, throws of the dice or spins of the wheel, and small side bets are permitted for the dealer. These can range from $1 to half your bet.

Hotel Courtesy Shuttle Drivers:
Although shuttle vans are provided by many hotels at no charge, don’t forget to tip the drivers at least $1 or more per person or $4-$5 per party.

Limousine Drivers:
The standard tip is 15-20%, depending on the service.

$1 or $2 a day is sufficient, usually left at the end of your visit.

Showroom Servers:
$5 to $10 for a party of two to four at a cocktail show only; $10-$20 for a dinner show for the same size group depending on service.

Showroom Maitre d’s & Ushers:
In a few showrooms, where seating is not reserved but remains at the discretion of the Maitre d’, a tip of $5 to $20 helps you get your desired seating. You might want to tip the usher a few dollars ($2-$5) for his or her courtesy even if you have pre-assigned seating.

Restaurant & Room Service:
Waiters and waitresses usually receive is 15-20% of the bill, depending on the service. Some hotels add the tip to the bill for room service. Be sure to check when you place your order.

Taxicab Drivers:
The customary rate is 15-20% of the fare. If the driver carries your luggage, you might add an extra $1 per bag. For short trips up and down the Strip, a few dollars is appreciated considering the driver’s wait in a cab line.

Valet Parking Attendants:
Valet parking at most hotels is free. A tip of $1-$2 each time the attendant takes or brings your car is appreciated.


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